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Clay vs Composite Poker Chips

Clay vs. Composite – Which Poker Chip is Right for You?

There are so many different types of poker chips available today that just preparing for a friendly little game of poker can seems like a daunting task.  Which chip is right for your and your game?  It depends on how often you play, how much money you want to spend and whom you are trying to impress.

Composite Chips

For beginners, ABS plastic and clay composite chips are nice starting sets.  There is no industry standard as to the percentage of plastic to clay, but the ratio of materials in such chips affects their cost.    ABS composite chips have a metal insert which balances the weight of the chip to the standard 8 to 11.5 grams.  Composite chips are often glossy and colorful, and last virtually forever.  They make a light “clinking” noise when tossed into the pot.  Clay composite chips actually last longer than pure clay chips because additional material is added to the chips for durability. 

Clay Chips

If you’re looking for a chip that sounds and feels more like an authentic casino chip, you might consider investing in a set of pure clay chips.  Although even the “purest” of clay chips do have a small amount of composite material bonded with the clay for stability, quality clay chips closely resemble genuine casino chips. Good clay chips have the look and feel of real casino chips without all the added security features.  Constructed to the standard casino diameter of 39 mm, clay chips weigh from 8 to 11.5 grams each.  The all clay construction allows the chips to “age” like true casino chips, and produces a deeper sound when tossed into the pot.  Better balanced clay chips are also easier to use when performing poker chip tricks.  With good care, a set of quality clay chips should last for years. 

You Can Never Have Too Many Chips

For large poker parties, composite chips are an affordable investment.  However, quality clay chips add a classy casino touch to your game.  Whichever chip you choose, make sure you buy enough for everyone.  Many poker chip retailers maintain an open stock of popular chips so you can purchase more chips as your game night grows in popularity.